Microblog of House M.D. Season 4, Episode 14: Living the Life

4:51pm: Who cares what he was allergic to as long as the treatment worked to get him out of the coma? Well, House wouldn’t be House unless he got to the bottom of it. Quinine allergy! What’s the point of drinking tonic water anyway if you don’t even put real gin in it? Uh, lame.

4:47pm: Oh no! He’s not allergic to flora, this actor is definitely dead.

4:45pm: Ah protocol. Do what those in authority deem to be appropriate whether or not your own expert opinion violates these protocol. There are some cases where protocol is stupid, but that’s politics.

4:41pm: Funny how a patient’s living or dying can change one’s outlook on life. The smallest of events can make someone question the future of their job or the certainty with which they joined the profession. It is strange how just one death out of hundreds could risk one’s career.

4:38pm: Aren’t we all waiting for that illuminating moment? The small, seemingly insignificant event that can trigger brain waves and help things gel together. The coincidence of looking at a sunflower pattern on a pillow and somehow having the thought process or brain wave of a different diagnosis…gotta love TV medical dramas =)

4:35pm: Living the life… we all are afraid of change. Why remain in a job that you hate if it makes you that unhappy. So what if it makes you popular, famous and rich? We all need to find courage to do what’s right for ourselves. Yeah, dying could definitely change our perspective on the state of our life.

4:30pm: The struggle between politics and getting to give optimal care of a patient. Such pointless arguing among doctors about who did what tests as opposed to trying to find the root of the problem with the patient. In the end, it seems that patients are not always the top priority of the doctors. People need to stop romanticizing doctors as superheroes. Being a doctor is a job too, and with the profession comes all the drama and group dynamics as any other job… its just that the stakes are sometimes higher and people’s lives can be lost.

4:25pm: Working in a team is so hard. So much deception- people do tests behind their team leader’s back. Medicine is sometimes guess work.

4:20pm: Wisdom about dealing with women from House MD… awesome! Yes House geeks: Get what the girl wants; even if she tells you that it is your choice.

4:15pm: This actor guy is right- his soap opera sucks. He behaves like a total loser- so what if he’s depressed? He is richer and more famous than most doctors. I still think Kutner is smarter.

4:11pm: House is crazy! Why does he care so much about some stupid actor? Cuddy is such a tolerant woman. I love her: so powerful, beautiful and smart. Girl power!

4:05pm: Whoa, this seems like some skanky medical drama. Oh wait! The strange kidnapper was House. I wondered for a second whether I had gotten the wrong show after I unlocked the episode from some sketchy website after spending time taking strange surveys.